The company, SE Foundry Services (Pty) Ltd in Witbank and Phalaborwa, produces a variety of high quality castings and forgings and has earned a fine reputation in the past 16 years as an excellent foundry and engineering supplier to leading companies in the mining, cement, smelting, brick making, chemical, petro-chemical, automotive, power generation, engineering, paper and sugar mill industries in South Africa as well as in foreign countries.

Part of our service is to assist customers in the design and developing of new unique products through continuous improvement technology. To achieve that we give attention to the principles of surface engineering to enhanced functional performance of the composite material with properties unattainable in either the base or surface material.

Typical complete machined products are available in the following alloys: bronze, copper, aluminium, cast iron, SG iron, steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, chrome iron, aluminium.